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Be True Cafe
330 Tres Pinos Road, Suite E
Hollister, CA, 95023

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Be You. Be Different. #BeTrue!

Our Honest Expression of an Efficient Nutrition

At Be True Café we believe in the self care of our human mind and body. We believe in the fine line of accepting who we are, yet striving towards constant self improvement.


We focus on positive energy and providing our honest expression of efficient nutrition.  We believe the act of taking care of ones mind and body will ripple to those we love around us.


We believe the deep conversations we have over a hot cup of coffee and a treat far outweighs the constant worry of calories. We believe variety and balance in nutrition will allow one to eat a little bit of everything, but not too much of any one thing.  At Be True Café we strive to provide an environment for self-improvement and efficient nutrition to fuel the human mind and body.

“The greatest help is self-help; there is no other help, but self-help. Doing one's best, dedicating oneself wholeheartedly to a given task, which happens to have no end, but is an ongoing process.” -Bruce Lee


Eco friendly

We make sure to focus and buy products that are eco friendly and sustainable as possible.

People Focused

People and customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

unique Coffee

Our coffee comes with very distinct flavors. You'll only find them here.

Talk To Us

View us as a friend. Come see us at Be True Cafe.

Come Visit Us

Come and be embraced in an uplifting environment while enjoying some delicious coffee. We are highly focused on making sure our aesthetic presence creates a unique feeling of creativity and inspiration.


Our Location

330 Tres Pino Road, Suite "E"

(Behind Union Bank next to Century 21)

Hollister, CA, 95023

Current Hours

Monday -  Closed

Tuesday - Friday:  8:30am - 4:30pm

Saturday - Sunday  8:30am - 1:00pm

Our Ethical Coffee

We were very selective on partnering up with vendors and we found a company with similar core value and provided amazing coffee beans. We are proud to say we are partners with Tico Coffee Roasting. Below is a passage of their eco-responsibilities.

"Since the start, Tico Coffee Roasters has maintained a commitment to sustainability and as a result, over 75% of our coffees and teas are Certified Organic, Direct Trade, Rainforest Alliance Certified, or some combination of all three. We support each of these three certifications and believes strongly in an inclusive approach to buying that accommodates the true diversity of growing conditions.

Tico Coffee Roasters is following these principles when purchasing green coffee or fine tea:

  • Quality leads to sustainability; to ensure quality the necessary premiums must be paid.

  • Each type of certification has value and is a testament to the improved conditions in which a certified coffee is produced, thus increasing the chances of a quality yield.

  • An inclusive, informed approach to sourcing coffee that embraces certified coffees, estate coffees and select cooperative coffees guarantees access to quality coffees from a wide range of growing regions."


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